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    • This position is to ensure that all HSSE policies which are put into place at SSIT are stringently followed, despite operational considerations in order to ensure that Safety & Security are not compromised in any way.
    • This position is responsible for all of the policies, practices, and operations for the Safety, Health, Environmental, and Security functions within the Terminal.
    • The position also manages the damage cargo and also the handling of dangerous goods & emergency situations which arise.
    • Ensures safety, health and environmental working conditions are followed at all times.
    • Develops and implements policies, procedures and systems to provide for a safe and secure business operation.
    • Enforces safe working practices and ensure lost time injuries are kept to a minimum.
    • Drives and manages the aim to be recognized as an industry leader within the field of HSSE.
    • Actively develops and promotes a proactive HSSE culture through relevant HSSE programs.
    • Regularly evaluates the effectiveness of HSE training.
    • Represents the company with local government organizations related to safety, security, health and environment, in order to ensure a mutual understanding of the Company’s goals and requirements, and to work in a cooperative partnership with local resources.
    • Conducts facility audits to detect existing or potential accident and health hazards, determine corrective or preventative measures where indicated, and follow-up to ensure measures have been implemented.
    • Responsible for setting and achieving the budget for the HSSE department. Studies and analyses of industrial accident causes and hazards.
    • Leads the accident/incident investigation and reporting.
    • Ensures that all safety, security & environmental issues are managed fulfilling the requirements of all the regulations applicable by National laws.
    • Ensures that emergencies are handled fulfilling the requirements of the regulations applicable nationally & internationally
    • Proposes/Sets HSSE objectives within overall company guidelines and provides direction in achieving the key results that fall within its functional area.
    • Normally the position is expected to follow existing procedures under certain circumstances, while in others the position is required to constantly improve & influence issues to bring about heightened awareness in the HSSE area.
    • The position is often required to influence & impact areas which are multi-dimensional & can have an effect on all areas of the organization.
    • The position is responsible for considering and ensuring the confidentiality of all works, documents and information received during the course of work performance with due diligence and not to disclose any confidential information to any third-party for any purpose that is related to company’s business during and after the employment with SSIT.
    • The position has the responsibility to read, acknowledge understand, stay updated and set good example of compliance with the company’s policies stipulated in various regulations, guides and manuals.
    • Other duties as directed by line manager from time to time.
    • Requires a University degree and certification in safety, security and quality management.
    • Requires a proven record of HSSE management experience (at least 5 years in the managerial role) from preferably port operations and/or similar industrial environments.
    • Effective negotiation, conflict resolution investigations and audits skills.
    • Ability to provide leadership, obtain cooperation and assistance to meet objectives.
    • Ability to develop relevant HSSE policies and procedures/processes.
    • Requires good verbal and written communications skills in English and in the local language, where required.
    • Effective interpersonal skills.
    • General knowledge and experience on terminal practices (medium level as minimum).
    • Knowledge of Safety, Security, Health and Environment regulations (national, & international) and experience on relevant practices, working with local authorities on relevant matters.
    • Knowledge and experience on claims management and insurance.
    • Knowledge and experience relating the handling of dangerous goods & emergency situations.

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    SP-SSA International Container Services Joint Venture Company
    Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau.

    Liên hệ:
    Ms. Thư – Phòng Nhân sự
    Tel : 0254 393 8888 – Ext 403
    Email : recruitment@ssit.com.vn

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